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Raising Money For Kids In Cairns & FNQ with Cerebral Palsy

Fund Raising For Cerebral PalsyFNQ Cerebral Palsy Support Group is running or is affiliated with a number of programs to support children on our register. These activities include but are not limited to:

FNQ Cerebral Palsy Support Group Inc. reminds families that the therapies and activities described are not suitable for everyone. You should not begin any program without consulting a qualified health practitioner. Please read full disclaimer.


Water based therapy is a great way to make therapy enjoyable.  It can also make movement more comfortable.  This is why we are now offering a number of different options.  Some of the programs are structured to be physio sessions in the water while others are learn to swim programs.

We have several options available for one-on-one hydrotherapy throughout the region.  Programs are available in Smithfield, Edmonton, Mareeba, Kuranda and Atherton.  Content of the program is customised to each child’s specific needs and goals.

In addition we have teamed up with some of the region’s leading swim schools to create opportunities for our children to gain important water skills while gaining physical benefits at the same time.  All schools selected have the necessary qualifications to teach skills to children with disabilities.  Programs are available in Edge Hill, Redlynch and Mareeba.

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Horse Riding

For the kids, therapeutic horse riding is therapy heavily disguised as fun fun fun! Horse riding is an intensive therapy tool which stimulates good posture, balance and flexibility and is available to a wide range of our cerebral palsy kids. When a rider sits on a horse, the movement of the horse’s sides between the rider’s legs stimulates the same movement as walking. Not only that, but in order to stay astride and turn a horse, riders must develop good balance and core strength which are two common physical challenges facing children with cerebral palsy.

Programs are available in Redlynch, Edmonton and Speewah.

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Therapy subsidies

FNQ Cerebral Palsy Support Group Inc. recognises that those living in Far North Queensland face a significant gap in their access to traditional therapies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy and less traditional therapies such as massage, acupuncture or osteopathic. We also recognise that the costs of these therapies can make using private practitioners prohibitive.  Therefore we have a subsidy system in place so that families can have a choice of therapy which suits their location and their child’s needs best.

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Group Therapy Options

We have established some group therapy options throughout the region.  These options can include Pilates, Strength Sessions and Movement Training.  These options change regularly as the needs of our clients and demographic are ever changing.

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Travel Subsidies

We have introduced a travel subsidy to assist those travelling for medical treatments.  This can include costs incurred for transportation and accommodation.

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Family Support Activities

We hold family support activities. In the past these have included things like information evenings with professionals. They have also included, family outings for things like all-ability sailing, kayaking and bowling. If you would like information on upcoming family support activities, please contact us so we can send you more information.

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